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Why Not People? is a members’ club established exclusively for people with disabilities. Hosting totally accessible events with a line-up of music, comedy and dance from world class artists and curating spaces at other selected events.

Why Not People? was founded by leading television & radio presenter, model and actress Jameela Jamil. Born & raised in London, Jameela hosted various TV and Radio shows for Channel 4 and BBC Radio One. She is currently appearing in NBC sitcom The Good Place.

Having struggled with a disability in her early life, Jameela founded Why Not People? as an organisation that “ignores the notion of limits and discrimination and caters to all people from all walks of life.”

Why Not People? approached OSTUKA to design every aspect of their front-facing website and members’ portal – which is accessible to visitors with various disabilities. In addition to this OSTUKA became their design partner, covering all aspects of design, photography, image retouching and social media visual content.