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Objection is the work of two female artists Michal Cole (b. 1974, Israel) and Ekin Onat (b. 1976, Turkey). The collaborative exhibition, Objection, is based at The Pavilion of Humanity for the duration of the 57th Venice Biennale May to November 2017.

Set at the historical villa of Casetta Rosa overlooking the Grand Canal, Objection will is the latest iteration of The Pavilion of Humanity, an on-going artistic project space housed in a peripatetic ‘Pavilion’.

Without a singular physical home, The Pavilion of Humanity is a pop-up space in artistic response to the growing political unrest, conceit and eroding of borders both physical and mental in contemporary society. Objection is supported by the University of the Arts London.

Michal Cole approached OSTUKA to develop the logo, brand and website for Objection. OSTUKA also provided local SEO services in the run-up to the exhibition.